Client: Pharmaceutical Company

Assignment: Conduct audit of supply chain efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

Accomplishment: Streamlined international procurement resulting in an overall reduction of excess inventory levels of 10%.

The Berkshire Approach

Every business faces its own unique challenges when working towards greater operational efficiency and every Berkshire client is assured of an individually tailored approach and methodology. The firm has developed a special working knowledge with a variety of industry groups such as school districts and local, county and state government entities; colleges and universities; healthcare systems and public and private companies. Regardless of industry or business sector, Berkshire is committed to delivering quantifiable savings and identifying new revenue streams with a minimum of client staff time and a "quick to market" approach.

Data Collection

A systematic collection of all pertinent information.

Audit and Analysis

An in-depth review of the information collected including preparation and comparison of baseline purchasing patterns with competitive realities in the marketplace.

Strategic Report

This comprehensive report includes cost reduction and revenue generating projections as well as an overview of any enhanced technologies available to increase efficiencies along with the savings of budgetary dollars.


The Berkshire Group will oversee the implementation of all accepted recommendations including direct negotiations with vendors and stakeholders and the development of an RFP.