Client: Healthcare System

Assignment: Integrate member hospitals into a unified and centralized system of purchasing.

Accomplishment: Centralized procurement of goods and services which eliminated duplication of effort and resources while optimizing and leveraging economies of scale.

Areas of Expertise

The Berkshire Group has a outstanding track record of working with its clients to contain operational expenses and to generate sources of revenue in these key areas:

  • Claims Recovery Services.
  • Building & Other Physical Asset Naming Rights/Sponsorship.
  • On-premises food services sponsorships and exclusive distribution rights.
  • Major Corporate Sponsorships, both local and national where available.
  • Beverage Pouring Rights Agreements (Coke, Pepsi, Nestle/ Starbucks).
  • Managing Public-Private Partnerships.
  • Developing on-campus Hotel/Conference Centers.
  • Delivery of millions of dollars in permanent and recurring cost savings in numerous budgetary expense categories.
  • Delivery of new and enhanced recurring revenue streams.
  • Development and affiliations with Group Purchasing Organizations (GPOs).
  • Expansion of services offered and delivered by Concession/ Auxiliary Services Department.